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sitting in silence.

studying Him.

studying His hand in my life thus far.

the little things.

8th&Indiana tree appreciation.

laughter with the fellow beans.

accidental Spanish spill-over.

pretend to be good at violin so no one notices.

also pretend to have it together on my own.

its all Him.

looking back.

its all Him.

an image.

His hand.

an old expired strip of film.

the precious memories, behold.

the dated dark brown covers those tough spots.

His hand wipes the expiration-indicators off.

as He says, “you have no expiration to me.”

the strip transforms to meadows of flowers.

with an aroma so sweet.

so sweet, the smell of His unconditional love.

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Why my mind demands to engulf itself at this moment, I will never know.

My feelings consist of every color on the rainbow.

While I am well aware that I am simply experiencing what most adults like to call, “teen angst”,

I’d like to point out that I have gone for seventeen years without thanks.

I don’t mean to say I am unappreciated,

But that I have gone too long gated.

Held down by what my counterparts expect of me

I’ve been discredited for who I truly am, turning into nobody.

Let’s be real here, I am a by-product of the greatest gift in human history,

But for some reason the One who created us is seen as a mystery.

God has turned the tables of my mind

Reminding me that these thoughts are unrefined.

If I am indeed seen as a nobody,

I must be set free from this misery.

But oh! But ah!

The Creator of All once again reminds me that I must not withdraw.

He has given me a calling.

So why am I stalling?

He conquered my shame

And filled my world with grace.

I have come to the final conclusion that there is nothing holding me back but me.

I restrain myself from experiencing this glee.
But no longer.

I have gained a new hunger.

Never again will I hold I down

Because God has let my flesh drown. 

I have been made new by the One the Only Yahweh,

Letting my past sins & shame decay.

The enemy no longer grips onto me

For the Lord has made His decree.

Romans One – Sixteen