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National Day of Prayer. revival in cda is so real right now, it is such a light in our dark world. just thinking about all the people who came out in the wicked heat today to praise God & simply worship is crazy. God is opening up the hearts of our city & filling them w/ His love, wisdom, and grace. the church is coming together & uniting as one, just as God created the church to do. our prayer is so incredibly powerful, sometimes i think we forget what a gift it is that we have God to talk to & bring us thru our trials. the other gods (little g) we fall into serving in our flesh will never fulfill us like the one, true God (big G) will. He is so good. i can’t stress it enough. unfortunately, Christianity has been overtaken by religiosity (let us remember that when God took on flesh in the form of Jesus Christ, he broke EVERY preconceived thought of what religion should look like/be.) when asked what religion i am, i won’t say Christian. i am a child of God, Jesus Christ died for my sins so that i could have eternal life in Heaven w/ my Father. i am not restricted by some earthly “religion” that contains unfortunate yet true negative connotations. people who think Christians are the worst of all are missing something. the Christians they are thinking of aren’t Christians at all. think of it this way, when Jesus lived on earth, did He judge ANYONE? ┬áno. He told us to not judge others just because they sin differently from us. the whole movement about God hating homosexuals etc. is SO out of context, disrespectful, & resembles anything but God. its about time that we start living out our claimed discipleship in the way that God intended us to. reaching out to others, being kind to anyone &everyone we meet, no matter their race, sexuality, religion, etc., being a light in dark places. reaching out to those who don’t yet know God & exemplifying the grace that He has given us. no one is perfect but God, & our religion won’t change that.



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