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Why my mind demands to engulf itself at this moment, I will never know.

My feelings consist of every color on the rainbow.

While I am well aware that I am simply experiencing what most adults like to call, “teen angst”,

I’d like to point out that I have gone for seventeen years without thanks.

I don’t mean to say I am unappreciated,

But that I have gone too long gated.

Held down by what my counterparts expect of me

I’ve been discredited for who I truly am, turning into nobody.

Let’s be real here, I am a by-product of the greatest gift in human history,

But for some reason the One who created us is seen as a mystery.

God has turned the tables of my mind

Reminding me that these thoughts are unrefined.

If I am indeed seen as a nobody,

I must be set free from this misery.

But oh! But ah!

The Creator of All once again reminds me that I must not withdraw.

He has given me a calling.

So why am I stalling?

He conquered my shame

And filled my world with grace.

I have come to the final conclusion that there is nothing holding me back but me.

I restrain myself from experiencing this glee.
But no longer.

I have gained a new hunger.

Never again will I hold I down

Because God has let my flesh drown. 

I have been made new by the One the Only Yahweh,

Letting my past sins & shame decay.

The enemy no longer grips onto me

For the Lord has made His decree.

Romans One – Sixteen 


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